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Make kitchen and bathroom to your taste

The trend towards individualism has long ceased limited only to fashion. For several years, observed the furniture industry the strong customer demand for single and designer pieces. This trend has now reached even where previously tiles a pretty miserable existence eked - namely at the kitchen back wall. A designed according to your ideas back wall for the kitchen not only looks disconnect dig out, but is also simultaneously an effective splash protection against dripping, salad oil or cooking sauces and soups. In "Beautiful and re-" you DesignsT easy kitchen back wall and splash guard for the kitchen, we make exclusively for you.


Kitchen rear wall and the shower back wall as a focal point for your guests


With us you get the opportunity to give new luster to your kitchen and your bathroom. With Küchenrück- wall, splash guard and shower back wall you is the amazement of your guests safe. Our backs are glued directly to the subfloor - regardless of whether it is tiles or just a rough plastered wall. Ugly rear walls or tiled backsplash in the kitchen disappear under the new look. We offer a large number of fantastic designs, but also create custom based on your template, so you can make your own individual kitchen. Our professional team ensures in any case for a perfect implementation.


The application areas for shower and kitchen back wall are varied


Kitchen and shower back wall of "Beautiful and recovery" can be used in many different ways. A mirror tiles from Aluminiun, acrylic glass or tempered safety glass is easy to clean and assemble. Use our products as:


  • Splashguard for your stove
  • Cover for spots on your walls in bathrooms or kitchens
  • Rückwand für Badewanne oder Toilette
  • Rear wall for bathtubs or toilets
  • Niche back wall system in kitchens & bathrooms to replace tiles and to minimize the risk of mold
  • Designer piece and new highlight in your rooms


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The delivery time for your back wall is 8-12 business days.
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