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Make hob cover itself

Beautiful stove is worth gold.

The average German kitchen is 10 square meters and has thus only limited development area - and even those who are lucky enough to have a larger kitchen, often complains about lack of space even on the countertop. There, small electrical appliances, potted herbs, knife blocks, bowls with fruit and the like frolicking. The course to prepare the dishes is then very quickly running out, especially since the work surface is also still suspended from the hob. And who wants to treat his valuable glass ceramic plate with care, which makes cutting, wrapping, sugars, etc. rightly a big circle around this area. As is known, aluminum foil and sugar the biggest enemy of a glass ceramic plate and the next use could leave ugly holes or even force you to replace your cooktop.

We have 'something against too little workspace.

Hob coverInnovative solutions are needed to use the worktop optimally - we have it, the answer. Our hob covers made of glass take your glass ceramic or induction hob not only comprehensively and carefully, but also very beautiful under her wing. The hotplates are thus optimally protected against dirt and damage. Not only that, you open up the 6 mm toughened safety glass existing flat surface of the hob cover also provides extra work space. Baking dish, dishes & Co. may be temporarily placed on the apparatus and the robust glass even be used as a cutting board. And even if one falls a fragile object on the oven cover the stand, while an exposed hob could be destroyed.
The hob cover is supplied in two parts, you can choose in the width 30-36 cm per unit - depending on how wide is your hob. It has rounded corners and on the bottom rubber feet for prevention of scratches.


Hob covers are no longer what they once were.

Goods hob covers earlier still-sized single plates of metal with mostly peasant motifs, so the stove covers of Nice and re ultramodern come along and have what it takes to put in your kitchen very special highlights and so express your personal style. Regardless of whether you sit on the calming effect of your favorite color and single-color plates are ordering, you decide on a landscape, a freaky design from our "young and wild" selecting or an organic image favorisierst - your stovetops are charged by the utility for the work of art , If you then combine even with a kitchen back wall of Nice and again, you are creating you your own, brilliantly staged gallery, and your kitchen is, if they do not, it is already a favorite room for you and your friends.

New York, Rio, Tokyo or dog, cat, mouse? Everything is possible.

The choice of motifs you are no limits: If you among our more than 100 designs not find the right thing, contrary to expectations, you can find for example in hundreds of thousands of additional images that could beautify your kitchen.. Remember though that the use of agency photos is largely chargeable. Are you shot the best photo for your kitchen yourself? No problem - as long as your image satisfies the pressure minimum technical requirements, you can also use your most beautiful holiday photos, a portrait image, or any other imaginable motive for your hob cover.

Our ordering system for the cover plates will help you in testing your own photos in determining the optimum image section, so that a successful order nothing should stand in the way. They are but help or have any questions about our products, then please contact us at the telephone number 02443-980919. We'll be glad to help.

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