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The back wall of your kitchen as a piece of jewelry

Treat yourself to a new kitchen, is very special. Sure, that's because it costs a lot of money, among other things, as a rule. But with a new kitchen much design work is always connected. Constantly develop Kitchen Trends: New, more user-friendly or energy-saving electrical appliances coming onto the market. Moreover, also the contemporary taste when it comes to the appearance of kitchens varies. Now there is a new design element for kitchen spaces, which is simply brilliant: the kitchen back wall, which can be freely designed.

No more nasty joints! With a glass rear wall of the kitchen!

Anyone who has ever cleaned a no longer quite young kitchen, knows that the so-called mirror tiles, ie the areas of the kitchen back wall between upper and lower cabinets can really cost power. Previously the kitchen mirror was mostly tiled. Despite all the effort you see after some time in the joints between the tiles debris. That's no wonder, because the kitchen back panel also includes yes the area behind stove and sink - of course constantly injects something on the walls. Stainless steel covers there are indeed pretty, but only just as long until the kitchen is used. They cultivate is really complicated.

The new material solutions hot glass, acrylic glass or aluminum Dibond. No joints, no wild brushing. In a kitchen in mirror glass applies: just wipe and well.

Design the kitchen back walls as desired

In the online shop of beautiful and again customers have access to many design templates to bring beautiful and clever images as glass back wall in the kitchen or to have it printed on an aluminum Dibondplatte. The process is attractive not only for new kitchens, it can also be used to impart a to old kitchen with a glass mirror in new splendor.

When compiling the creative templates has been taken into account, that no one really liked dressing: Many decors - such as the pictures of natural stone - dirt is hardly noticeable. (No comparison with, for example, stainless steel surfaces, the blame every single water or grease stain!)

Should the choice of designs for the kitchen back walls for you are not right, offers nice and again great service: Using your photos and design proposals can be uploaded. On the basis of a glass back wall for the kitchen or a rear wall in aluminum is then produced.

Material advantages of the new kitchen splashbacks Glass

Photo print on aluminum Dibond is razor sharp - and even suitable for outdoor use. Wear or abrasion is to be expected with this type of kitchen back wall as little as if you opt for a personal glass rear wall in the kitchen. So bold colors!

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The delivery time for your back wall is 8-12 business days.
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