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A feeding station on the wall - Petti

We of "Schön und Wieder" beautify now for many years bathrooms and kitchens. Now we have sometimes invented something for your beloved pet and immediately applied for a patent.

Our invention? Petti. Petti is a feeding station, which is attached to the wall. You can depend on the corresponding height as food and water in a single structure. The wells can from your four-legged friends will no longer be knocked over or transported halfway across the apartment, but are to take for you as Prevail easily from the wall.


The feeder "Petti" is made of sturdy material

feeding station for cats and dogs

Petti is made of sturdy aluminum composite material; this has a Sandwichstrutur. The feeding station is therefore not only very light but also extremely stable. Even a Saint Bernard or other large, heavy dogs get their brand new feeder hardly destroyed.

The surface consists of a dirt-repelling non-stick coating. This we use for many years even in our kitchen and shower rear walls. So let uneaten food or debris - even if they are already dried - easily remove. That's much more hygienic than most other materials. Wood, for example, would it not be a good idea.

And another thing we have thought through. Our Feeders are minimally tilted forward, then feed and water accumulate more at the front of the cup and it leaves no nasty residues at the cup base.


Petti customization

As with our other products, the kitchen rear walls or the splash guard, even here the possibility for individual design is given. From over 700 individual motifs can prevail choose the one that should adorn the feeding station later.
Those who do not will find it, can have it printed its own motif and also the name of the four-legged friend to the station.

Futterstation für Hunde und Katzen  


This is what you get:

  • Your printed feeding station "Petti"
  • 2 cups incl. Printed cover
  • fastening material


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